Wedding Professionals We Like To Recommend

You may have heard that hiring the right Wedding DJ, Wedding Caterer, Wedding Photographer, etc. can make or break your wedding day. This is very true. To help you make the right decision, we have compiled a list of vendors with whom we have worked that we can personally recommend to our brides and grooms. If they are on our Vendors list, they are a solid, experienced Wedding Professional. We work very closely with other wedding vendors when we perform at a wedding or private party and we truly appreciate those vendors who really care about the job they are doing, whether it is taking photos or video, serving food or coordinating a wedding reception.

We pay very close attention to details in our own work and we can immediately tell when another wedding vendor has the same work ethic. In our opinion, when a Wedding Professional is looking at the event as a whole (rather than just his or her part in it) and does whatever is needed to do to make the day special, that’s the type of person you want working your wedding. Someone who will go above and beyond the call of duty (even if you, the customer, never find see it). We list wedding vendors here that we feel are top notch in everything they do (from their professionalism, demeanor, appearance, employees and work ethic) here on this page.

We don’t charge for these Preferred Wedding Vendors to be listed here (nor do we require a reciprocal link on their web site) and we will only list a vendor that we have worked with directly. Please let these wedding vendors know that Milestones DJ referred you if you decide to call them to get more info – especially if you hire them for your next event! We appreciate it when other wedding vendors recommend us (it’s a high compliment in the wedding industry), so it’s nice for them to hear it from potential customers. The information below about each wedding vendor is from my own experience and in my words. Please check back often as we add vendors throughout the year as we experience working with them at weddings we perform at.

Note: To visit a Preferred Wedding Vendor’s web site, click on their name. If you are on a mobile phone (or phone-enabled computer), we’ve made it easy for you to reach these professionals directly from this page; simply click on their phone number.

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Wedding Caterers

Let’s face it, every guest at a wedding reception judges the food. You’ve done it. We all do it. It’s simply not an area you want to take lightly for your own wedding reception. Milestones DJ knows how important the right caterer can be for your wedding. From a professional standpoint, we know that having a caterer who not only has great food (a given), but also pays attention to detail, stays on a timeline, hires quality people (this is VERY important) and works flawlessly with the other Wedding Professionals is very important to the success of your wedding. That is why we only recommend the best of the caterers we have worked with over the years. Please let them know that Milestones DJ recommended them when you call.

A Family Affair Catering
Roger and Pam Saker – (530) 274-0805
This catering company really is a family run operation and they are consummate professionals. Roger and Pam are simply consistently good. We’ve worked with them many times over the years and they always have fantastic food and a caring, respectful staff. If you are looking for a rock-solid caterer who delivers great food and service every time, call them today.

Antonio Ayestaran Custom Catering
Antonio Ayestaran – (530) 401-8462
We have had the pleasure of working with Antonio and his staff for many years now. His food is always top notch and his staff is a pleasure to work with. His reputation has gotten around and he books up fast (like we do) throughout wedding season. Make sure you call and do a tasting soon. Be sure to tell him that Milestones DJ sent you!

Emily’s All-Occasion Catering & Cakes
Emily and John – (530) 271-2253
We are very lucky that we get to not only partake in the caterer’s food while performing a wedding, but we also get to watch the staff work and speak to the owner (most of the time). we worked with Emily at one of her very first weddings and it’s been awesome running into her at other weddings and bridal fairs and see how her business has grown. As with the other caterers on this page, not only is the food consistently good, but the presentation is beautiful and her staff is the best of the best. Call Emily let her know Milestones DJ sent you. She’ll take care of you.

Bill’s Chuckwagon BBQ
(530) 273-4519
BBQ has become a popular choice for outdoor weddings recently. We have worked many times with Bill’s Chuckwagon and each time the experience has been very smooth and everyone loves the food. Give them a call and let them know that Milestones DJ sent you.

Wedding Coordinators

When we work with a good wedding coordinator, it makes all the difference in the world with regard to running a wedding and reception. Typically speaking, most Wedding DJ companies end up being the onsite wedding coordinators because, well, we are the ones with the microphone. Wedding DJ companies LOVE working with an experienced wedding coordinator (and vice versa) because they are in constant communication with us and together we keep the flow of the timeline running smoothly. We don’t work with really great wedding coordinators often. Mostly we end up working with friends of the bride, a relative or someone just starting a wedding coordinating business, so on the occasion we DO work with a pro who knows what they are doing, it stands out and we’ll place them here.

Joy of Life Events & Sierra Mountain Weddings
Donna Hoekstra – (530) 432-4030
Donna is a talented wedding coordinator and truly cares about her brides and grooms and their wedding days. She also produces bridal fairs and heads a wedding vendor club to promote Nevada County as a wedding destination. Give her a call, you’ll be glad you did. Make sure you tell her that Milestones DJ sent you.

Plush Weddings
Michaela Rodgers – (916) 300-0982
We met Michaela the wedding coordinator almost by accident. She was visiting the Miner’s Foundry to investigate the facility for a client and she just happened to visit on a day when there was a wedding fair going on there. We spoke to her and she hired us for her customer’s wedding. It was very obvious that she was on top of everything with that wedding. From the ceremony site (several miles away from the reception site) to the reception and dinner, she was involved in every aspect. We really enjoyed working with her.

White Orchid Events
Linda Boyko – (916) 533-3300
Since doing my first wedding with Linda the wedding coordinator, we have forged a great working relationship and friendship. She’s a total professional wedding coordinator and cares deeply for her brides and grooms. She goes WAY above and beyond for each and every one of them – most of the time, the brides and grooms have no idea all that she does behind the scenes to make their day go perfectly.Linda and her hand-picked staff are a dynamite addition to any wedding – large or small. Call her NOW – you won’t regret it. Make sure you tell her that Milestones DJ sent you.

Wedding Officiants

As a Wedding DJ company, we know a good wedding officiant when we see one. We only work with wedding officiants for a brief period of time and then we are off to the reception, but here are some we have worked with more than once or they made a great impression the first time around.

Lori Levisen – (916) 688-7756
We’ve worked with Lori a handful of times and she’s a true professional wedding officiant. She cares very much about her brides and grooms and makes sure that their ceremony is as unique as they are.

Chaplain “Hawkeye” Sharpe(530) 269-0114
Hawkeye is as unique as his name and he’s a really nice guy (as well as a wedding officiant). He puts together a very nice ceremony and is great with his brides and grooms. Very relaxed, professional, and welcoming. His ceremonies are smooth and flow beautifully.

Wedding Photo Booths

As a Wedding DJ company, we get asked quite a bit if we do photo booths. There are a lot of DJ companies that have jumped on the photo booth bandwagon, but rather than diversifying into other businesses that have absolutely zero to do with being a Professional Wedding DJ service, we decided to stay focused on what we do best and leave the photo booths to the experts. Here are some of those that we’ve worked with and can recommend to make your wedding day a memorable one for everyone.

Classic Photo Booth Rentals
(530) 710-5748
This husband and wife team rocks it every time we work with them. They are genuinely fun and professional and it’s obvious that they really enjoy what they do. They book up fast, so make sure you call and reserve them ASAP. Be sure to mention that Milestones DJ referred you.

Wedding Photographers

With EVERYONE carrying around a digital camera phone these days and with the prices of digital SLR cameras plummeting, you may think that you have your “wedding photographer” covered with friends and family. We are here to tell you that you’ll regret that decision. The things that you DON’T skimp on when it comes to weddings are 1) The DJ (you knew we’d say that, right?), 2) The Caterer and 3) The Photographer. Everything else you can figure out a way to get by or make happen without a large budget. We have worked with hundreds of photographers from around the country over our 28+ years in the Wedding DJ business and we know a good one when we see them. A great wedding photographer will be ON IT from the beginning, immediately introducing themselves to the DJ and mapping out the way the wedding will go. After all, the DJ and the photographer will be working closely together to make the timeline run smoothly and to make sure that all items are covered so that the bride and groom have a great memory of their wedding day. On top of that, the photos should be beautiful. These photographers are some of the best we’ve worked with. Take a look at their web sites and if you like their style (each is unique), know that they have our recommendation from a professional wedding vendor standpoint. Let them know that Milestones DJ sent you. Christian & Gia Aragon Reno, NV – (775) 971-0265 This husband and wife team of wedding photographers is very accommodating and they cover A LOT of ground between the two of them. I spent some time with them at a Lake Tahoe wedding recently and found them to be really nice people, great photographers, and they really care about their brides and grooms.If you are looking for a wedding photographer in the Reno/Carson City/Lake Tahoe area, make sure you give them a call and visit their web site.

Gino Creglia Sacramento, CA – (916) 803-5546 Gino is a very talented and professional wedding photographer. He does studio work as well as fine art photography. If you are looking for some ultra-stylish wedding photography, check out Gino’s web site and you’ll be impressed. Let him know that Milestones DJ sent you.
Chris Harada Grass Valley, CA – (530) 477-7399 We have worked many weddings with Chris since and have thoroughly enjoyed each one where he was the wedding photographer of choice. He’s a pro that has long ties to the local community and truly cares about how the entire wedding goes, not just his part in it. We highly recommend Chris for your wedding ceremony and reception. Like us, he “plays well with others” and makes sure that each vendor is in-line with the timeline for the day to ensure the bride and groom have a fantastic day. Can’t ask for more than that!
Christopher Kight Sacramento, CA – (916) 484-1164 We’ve worked with Christopher a couple of times now and we are always impressed with his work ethic as a wedding photographer. No messing around, it’s get stuff done time. Love that. He is great to work with (we’ve said time and again that the best vendors work really well with the other vendors – it makes for a fantastic wedding for the bride and groom) and clearly enjoys his work. He does a great job and you will not be disappointed. Call him.
Matt & Jentry Reno, NV – (775) 335-9807 We first met Matt & Jentry in Grass Valley to discuss becoming their Wedding DJ. They told us that they were trying to start a wedding photography business in the Reno / Lake Tahoe area. We hit it off right away and we had a lot of fun at their wedding which was held at the Empire Mine State Park (an absolutely beautiful place). Since then, we’ve seen their business grow and have viewed their beautiful photos and their great passion for what they do. If you are looking for a dynamic duo to cover your wedding day, you can’t do any better than Matt & Jentry. We HIGHLY recommend them as wedding photographers. Take a look at their web site and then give them a call – we’re sure that you’ll agree with us. Make sure you tell them that Milestones DJ recommended you!
Barry M. Peterson – (916) 674-2672 We had the pleasure of working with Barry in 2010 and we immediately liked him. He covers a lot of ground for a single photographer! His photos have style and he takes enough photos that you’d think he had a crew of four wedding photographers working your wedding. He’s got a fantastic eye and once you visit his web site and speak to him, you’ll know that your wedding will be in good hands.
Martin’s Photography  Woodland, CA – (530) 383-3078 We had the pleasure of working with Martin’s Photography for the first time recently. You know those people who you just like right away and give off a very gracious and friendly vibe? That’s Marty. We are looking forward to working with him again soon. Give him a call and be sure to let him know that Milestones DJ sent you!
Melanie Soleil Photography Grass Valley, CA – (530) 274-2408 We’ve worked many times with Melanie and she’s always a pro. She cares a lot about her brides and grooms and is very easy to work with on the wedding day, which makes for a great event for our customers. Give her a call and let her know that Milestones DJ sent you!
Sharpe Photographers Sacramento, CA – (916) 772-3934 We worked with one of Sharpe’s wedding photographers and found him to be very professional and responsible. We found ourselves discussing the stories we both hear all the time about “cheap” DJs and photographers that end up messing up a wedding and/or ceremony because of lack of experience or professionalism. We were very much on the same page when it comes to making sure that the wedding and reception go smoothly for the bride and groom. That is why they are listed here. Highly recommend them as your wedding photographers.
Spice Rack Productions Debby Rackham – (916) 337-8847 Debby and her husband Judd are pro wedding photographers all the way. We were fortunate enough to spend a bit of time talking with them at a wedding recently and we could tell immediately that they had the same attitude toward professionalism and taking care of the customer that we have. Debby is the photographer and Judd is the videographer (see below). Give them a call.

Wedding Venues

Let’s face it, wedding venues are a very important part of your special day. After all, it’s going to be in all of your wedding photos! Besides that obvious facts, there are size and space considerations, bar and kitchen, dance floor, max occupancy, location, parking and the quality and professionalism of the staff – especially the staff who will be there ON the wedding day. We have been to some really bad places and conversely some really great places. The really great places are listed here for those of you still looking for wedding venues.

Alta Sierra Country Club
Grass Valley, CA – (530) 273-2041
If you are looking for a gem in the slough of wedding venues available in Nevada and Placer Counties, look no further than the Alta Sierra Country Club. Nestled into a quaint little neighborhood south of Grass Valley, you will find this elegant, modern facility surrounded by pristine grounds with towering trees and a beautifully landscaped golf course. Franca and her staff are top notch and have this wedding thing down to a science. They have fantastic food, bar and his & her rooms for the bridal parties to get ready in (spacious, too!). They recently created a ceremony-only portion of the property that allows for privacy and has plenty of room for even a large ceremony. After the ceremony, the bride, groom and their photographer can hop into a golf cart and take photos along the course – the views at sunset are breathtaking. Make sure you tell them that Milestones DJ sent you!

Empire Mine State Park
Grass Valley, CA – (530) 273-8522
This historical state park is an absolutely gorgeous and classy wedding venue. People make pilgrimages there just to take photos. We have been performing wedding ceremonies (at the historic house between two beautiful water fountains just above the reflecting pool and the other side of the rose garden) and receptions for many, many years and each one is as beautiful and classy as the last.Visit the Empire Mine web site for a glimpse at the photos and you’ll absolutely want to visit yourself – heck, at the very least, go take the gold mine tour and visit the gold museum! Milestones DJ is a preferred vendor at Empire Mine and we really enjoy working there.

Flower Farm Inn
Loomis, CA – (916) 652-4200
The Flower Farm Inn is a wonderful wedding location and conveniently located for the Greater Sacramento and Sierra Foothills areas. Milestones DJ does quite a few weddings there each year and each wedding we do there just gets better and better.It is very apparent that they really care about being a premiere wedding venue and it shows – take it from someone who has been watching it get better since they first opened their doors (Milestones DJ did a wedding at The Flower Farm Inn during their first month of operation).The facilities are new, beautiful, well-kept, and spacious. If you are looking for a great location for both your ceremony and reception, it would be a mistake to not at least visit this place. Tell them Milestones DJ sent you.

Grass Valley Courtyard Suites
Grass Valley, CA – (530) 272-7696
Danielle Scallin
Here’s the thing: The first time we visited the remodeled Grass Valley Courtyard Suites, my first reaction (no joke) was “WOW!” What a gem in the heart of the Sierra Foothills/Gold Country area. Owner Kathy Racz is a VERY talented interior designer (that’s her background) and has an amazing eye for detail. From the amazing unique decor in each room to the Tempurpedic mattresses in EVERY room (a serious alert: you may not want to go home), it is obvious that her goal was to create a high-end facility that could accommodate weddings, business retreats/meetings, and more. In our opinion, she knocked it out of the park. If you are looking for a local destination where the family can spend the week relaxing, swimming or sitting in a hot tub or sauna room, eating a complimentary hot breakfast each morning and sampling wine and appetizers each evening while being right in Downtown Grass Valley with awesome little shops, bars, movie theaters, and restaurants (you HAVE to go to South Pine Cafe directly across the street from the Courtyard Suites for the best breakfast ever), you really have to call them. On your wedding day, you and your bridesmaids can get pampered with facials, manicures and pedicures and the entire bridal party can get WONDERFUL massages in the on-site salon which is – like everything else – top notch. Oh, and you can actually get a reference for us when you call – Milestones DJ performed (along with our live rock band) at (General Manager) Sara’s wedding in 2007!

Miner’s Foundry Cultural Center
Nevada City, CA – (530) 265-5040
What a great and unique place on our list of wedding venues. The Miner’s Foundry is a non-profit facility that has a lot of history and a tons of culture. The rustic feel (it was once a working mine) makes it an ideal place to have a wedding reception or party and the staff is very accommodating. I recommend visiting the center and seeing if it’s right for your next event. Milestones DJ is a preferred vendor at the Minder’s Foundry and we really enjoy working there.

Sun City Roseville
Roseville, CA – (916) 774-3870
Jenny Giallanza I’ve got nothing but great things to say about Sun City Roseville for a wedding venue — or any other type of event. Jenny, Rae and their long-time staff have it all dialed in for classy functions. From the wait staff to the kitchen staff, it is clear that they have many years of experience behind them.That experience coupled with the beautiful modern facility they have to work in creates a fantastic venue…especially for weddings. I highly recommend that you visit them before you make your decision on where to hold your wedding reception or event.

Wedding Videographers

We rarely (okay, never) get to see the final videos from weddings that we provide services for, so we’re recommending these videographers based on customer feedback and their professionalism when we work with them.

Frontside Films
Amy & Damon Chamberlain – (916) 712-4465
We seriously cannot say enough about this husband-wife dynamic duo wedding videographers. We had a hard time listing them under “videographers” because what they do is so much more (and better) than your typical wedding video company. It’s more cinematography than your standard videography. It is clear that not only can they operate the camera equipment, but they can edit the heck out of the footage…not something every wedding videographer is good at, or at least THIS good at it. If you are looking for more than just “covering” your wedding day, a special memory that could very easily be broadcast on Biography Channel, check out Frontside Films. The ONLY way for us to truly show you what I’m talking about is to have you click <HERE> and see for yourself. Seriously. Go do it right now, we’ll wait.

HeavenSide Studios
Warren Starks– (916) 821-6501
Warren and his son remind us a lot of the style and professionalism of Frontside Films (above). They’ve got the latest technology (even drones!) to make an incredible memory of your big day. Plus, Warren is a heck of a nice guy and great to work with. Give him a call and please tell him that Milestones DJ sent you.

Spice Rack Productions
Judd Rackham – (916) 337-1448
Judd and his wife Debby are professional wedding videographers all the way. We were fortunate enough to spend a bit of time talking with them at a wedding and we could tell immediately that they had the same attitude toward professionalism and taking care of the customer that Milestones DJ has. Judd is the videographer and Debby is the photographer (see above). Judd has some great ideas for videos to show at the reception as well. Give them a call.

Is Your Wedding Date Available?
Is Your Wedding Date Available?
“So awesome!!!! It was a wonderful wedding experience for me as the bride.”
~ Amanda (Bride)
“Milestones DJ were amazing. They made our wedding day run smoothly. You will be really happy with how organized they are and the fun they bring to your event.”
~ Corina (Bride)
“Milestones DJ went above and beyond our expectations. They were very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for helping to make our special day magical!”
~ Stephanie (Bride)
““You did an awesome job! We got a lot of great feedback about the music selection & even the set up (lights). Everyone loved when you asked them to sing to us.”
~ Jennifer & Darren (Bride & Groom)
“Milestones DJ kept the flow of the wedding moving, without being pushy or front and center. They did a wonderful job!”
~ Jennifer (Bride)
“The guys did an amazing job. They were professional, on top of it and made sure everything went smooth. I was very impressed.”
~ Candace (Bride)
“Our DJ was absolutely amazing. He played a huge part in making the day so perfect. We received multiple compliments from several different guest regarding his exceptional personality and DJ’ing skills. He was well beyond our expectations and I would refer Milestones DJ to ANYONE.”
~ Taryn & Mike (Bride & Groom)
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