Why Milestones DJ Is The Right Choice For You!

When you’re looking for a Professional Wedding DJ to help make your wedding day dreams come true, it can be a bit daunting. Which DJ company do you hire – The one with the coolest logo? The cheapest one (please don’t ever hire a DJ for a wedding based on price…trust us)? The one with a silly name? The one you saw at a club last summer? The one who has the best reviews?

We understand how confusing it can be. The fact is that there are plenty of great Wedding DJs out there and they all offer their customers a professional service. Like many choices in life, it will most likely come down to a combination of price and your gut feeling about the DJ company based on their web site and/or speaking to them directly.

Here are a few things that we felt might help you to get to know us better. Of course our best sales tool are our many reviews where you can hear directly from our customers (see Our Reviews) – they sell us better than we ever could.

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We understand that weddings are expensive. The last thing we want is for the bride and groom to be more stressed than they already are. That is precisely why our Wedding DJ services are a flat fee. We get all of the pertinent information about your wedding – location, equipment and personnel requirements, etc. – and provide you with a price quote. That quote includes everything you need to make your wedding go smoothly – wireless lapel mics for the ceremony, a second system if your ceremony and reception are in different locations on the property, a wireless handheld microphone for toasts, dance lights, music and more. The only way to make the price more than we quoted you originally is to add hours to your original quote.
Milestones DJ doesn’t play music that we want to hear. We choose and play music that creates an atmosphere specifically so that the current event’s guests (and our customer – YOU) enjoy their event. This includes not only playing the right music for you and your guests, but also playing music at the appropriate volume for each portion of the day. Dinner music, for instance, should be played at a volume level that creates a nice ambience, but not so loud that you and your guests can’t converse. After all, dinner is the time for enjoying conversation and catching up with friends and family.

We provide an online music planning system that helps us to understand what type of music that you like…and don’t like. Having that information helps us and we plan our music selection accordingly to make your event go as you pictured it.

Milestones DJ is not a hobby. We are a professional business that has been providing entertainment services since 1987. We are insured ($2 million in liability insurance) and we buy our music. Our equipment is professional (no home stereo equipment is used like some hobbyists) constantly being upgraded and/or replaced each year to make sure that your event is a success.

One more thing to consider – when you hire Milestones DJ, you know that we will be at your event on time and will provide the services we promised at the price we agreed upon.

Milestones DJ’s business model is to provide quality service to our customers. We do a maximum of 3 weddings in a single day. We do this to keep quality control at a high level. We are not a large DJ company with 20 or 40 DJs. We like keeping our quality high by focusing on the small list of weddings each weekend.
Milestones Wedding DJ | Grass Valley, Auburn
Milestones Wedding DJ | Grass Valley, Auburn
“So awesome!!!! It was a wonderful wedding experience for me as the bride.”
~ Amanda (Bride)
“Milestones DJ were amazing. They made our wedding day run smoothly. You will be really happy with how organized they are and the fun they bring to your event.”
~ Corina (Bride)
“Milestones DJ went above and beyond our expectations. They were very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for helping to make our special day magical!”
~ Stephanie (Bride)
““You did an awesome job! We got a lot of great feedback about the music selection & even the set up (lights). Everyone loved when you asked them to sing to us.”
~ Jennifer & Darren (Bride & Groom)
“Milestones DJ kept the flow of the wedding moving, without being pushy or front and center. They did a wonderful job!”
~ Jennifer (Bride)
“The guys did an amazing job. They were professional, on top of it and made sure everything went smooth. I was very impressed.”
~ Candace (Bride)
“Our DJ was absolutely amazing. He played a huge part in making the day so perfect. We received multiple compliments from several different guest regarding his exceptional personality and DJ’ing skills. He was well beyond our expectations and I would refer Milestones DJ to ANYONE.”
~ Taryn & Mike (Bride & Groom)
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