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For your convenience, here is a list of questions that we get, well, frequently or that are common questions in the Wedding DJ industry. If you don’t see your question answered here, call us (888) 612-6365 or send us an Email and we’ll answer it for you. These are in no particular order.

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We accept all major credit/debit cards, PayPal, Amazon Payments, personal checks, money orders, cashiers checks and cash.

We proudly accept the following and use PayPal’s secure credit card processing services:


Tips are not required, but they are very much appreciated for a job well done.
Of course! We are very aware that our services are not a small expense. We are also aware (especially for weddings) that it’s an important part of your event. There may be some travel limitations, but for the most part we have no problem meeting in person prior to someone hiring us.

Also, we can utilize FaceTime (free on iPhone/iPad) or Skype, the free Internet application that allows you to hold video and/or audio conversations computer to computer for free. Some out of town brides and grooms find video calls convenient and better than corresponding only through Email.

We understand that Wedding DJs, photographers, caterers, etc. are a large portion of a wedding budget. We do offer financing through PayPal’s “Bill Me Later” program. Call us to get more information: (888) 612-6365
We haven’t found an elegant way to explain this, but here it goes: When we give you a quote for a 4-hour event, the 4 hours are actual performance hours. The cost DOES include the set-up and break down, but the hours for those are not included in the 4 hours.

For example: If we are scheduled for a wedding from 4pm to 8pm, we are there between 2pm and 2:30pm to set up and be ready to play at 4pm and will be there at least 45 minutes to an hour after 8pm to breakdown and load our equipment back up.

No. When we give a price quote, we are basing it on several factors; number of hours, location/distance, day of the week, time of year and whether or not we have to have extra DJ systems or personnel on hand, extra equipment for musicians, etc.

That said, unless there is something told to us after the price quote has been given, there are NO hidden charges. We don’t have separate charges for using our wireless handheld microphone for toasts (seriously, we’ve heard that there are DJs that charge extra for that) or basic dance lighting, etc. We realize that it’s a big portion of your budget and we make sure that our price is solid when we give a quote so that you can easily budget for us.

Absolutely. We are very open to requests (both prior to the event and during). We don’t play music for ourselves at your function – we play for you and your guests – period.

In turn, we will also not play specific songs or genres that you’d like excluded from your event. Our Online Event Planning software makes it a breeze to let us know your musical preferences, including links to listen to songs, view current charts, and popular music from every genre.

Search and listen to thousands of songs in our online database. Click image to enlarge.

Search and listen to thousands of songs in our online database. Click image to enlarge.

We get this question a lot and have yet to come up with a good way to provide an answer that we are comfortable with. We have well over 115,000 songs in our database (as of January 2016) . You can imagine the amount of paper that would be required in order to print even a partial list of all songs.

We do have a sample database of over 50,000+ of the most popular wedding reception songs on our web site (once you become a customer, you’ll see it when you log in). Our actual database is giant (well over 115,000 songs from literally every genre and year since the 1920’s) and constantly growing.

If you don’t see a song in our online database, put it down and we’ll have it on your wedding day – no charge to you. The only exceptions are rare imports or local bands without national distribution, in which we may need to get the music from you or another source prior to the event.

Minimum deposits (50%) are non-refundable and that is an industry standard. However, your deposit may be put toward another date (subject to availability) within one year of the original function date when you notify us of the change prior to 30 days before the original event date.

Cancellations within 30 days of your event, the full amount of the event agreement will be due, but we will still honor the amount toward a future event.

If you are planning on feeding the rest of the event staff, then it is appreciated, but not required. It is nice to know prior to the event so that we can make arrangements if the DJ is not included in the meal so that we can bring food.

If you do plan on feeding your vendors, it is recommended that you feed them just after the bridal party (rather than after everyone) so that your vendors are ready to go once meal service is finished. It’s also nice (if possible) to have a designated table, silverware and napkins somewhere out of the way for your vendors.

Unless it’s a theme wedding, we always dress in casual business attire (i.e., dress slacks, dress shirt and tie). Typically we dress in blacks and grays so as not to clash with any wedding color schemes or decor.

We have never done the tuxedo thing – we don’t want to look like we’re in the wedding…or driving the limo. Of course we are open to suggestions if you have a specific look you’d like for the vendors and we’re happy to dress according to any theme you may have.

We plan on being at the wedding location 1 1/2 to 2 hours ahead of the scheduled start time. We like to be completely set up and done with any sound checks prior to your guests arriving.
We do carry a backup amplifier and a second smaller P.A. system as well as duplicate hard drive of all music.
We get asked this occasionally. While we understand the desire to see us perform at a wedding, we highly respect our customer’s right to privacy. We have found it very awkward to ask a customer if we can bring strangers to their wedding.

Our solution is to provide you with personal references that have given us permission to use them as such. We are confident that after viewing our referrals/applause and once you talk with us on the phone or in person, you’ll feel comfortable hiring us for your event.

No and here’s why: Videos are edited! No DJ is going to show you a demo video of an empty dance floor or of an unhappy bride. We rely on personal references and vendor referrals to sell our Wedding DJ services. It’s the only reliable way to make our customers feel confident that they have hired a professional company.

We are confident that after viewing our referrals/applause and once you talk with us on the phone or in person, you’ll feel comfortable hiring us for your wedding day.

Never. Not once since 1987. We take our work very seriously. We are a professional company.
Yes. We carry $2 million dollars in liability insurance and can provide proof upon request.
Yes. Since 1987, we subscribe to professional DJ “record pools” which provide us with the latest music in every genre. Whatever music we do not find there, we purchase through commercial avenues like iTunes, Amazon Music, etc.
The “hourly” rate for a professional DJ is a bit misleading. The perception is that we are paid only for the hours that we are at the event. Totally false. For a typical wedding, we work between four and eight hours — prior to the actual performance.

Depending on the situation, we may meet with customers in person and speak via phone several times, speak to the other vendors (photographers, caterers, coordinators, etc.) prior to the event date, and on occasion we will even visit the venue if we are unfamiliar with it. We research and purchase music when we don’t have something that was requested, occasionally purchase theme clothing and virtually anything else that is required to make certain that the performance goes exactly how our customers want it to go.

The price also includes gas, drive time (sometimes up to 2 hours each way) and set-up and breakdown time (easily 2 hours for both).

The bottom line is that you will always be able to find a cheaper DJ, but it’s like having a beautiful Japanese garden at your home that is very important to you — you can hire the neighbor kid to take care of it and take your chances or you can hire a professional who knows how to make it thrive. That’s the difference: Professionalism, quality, reliability, experience and expertise.

Even if you don’t hire us, please don’t hire a DJ for your special day based on price alone. Just search for “Craigslist wedding dj” on YouTube and see for yourself.

We prescribe to the industry standard where the initial 50% minimum deposit is non-refundable in cases where Milestones DJ is not the cause of the cancellation. We typically will offer the deposit amount toward a future event within one year (365 days) from the original event date as long as we are available.

In cases when an optional discount is offered for payment in full, the amount above the 50% minimum deposit will be offered (typically along with the initial 50% deposit) will be honored as a credit toward a future event within one year (365 days) from the original event date as long as we are available.

Some restrictions apply. Please call us for more details. No cash refunds are given in cases where Milestones DJ is not the cause for the event cancellation.

Is Your Wedding Date Available?
Is Your Wedding Date Available?
“So awesome!!!! It was a wonderful wedding experience for me as the bride.”
~ Amanda (Bride)
“Milestones DJ were amazing. They made our wedding day run smoothly. You will be really happy with how organized they are and the fun they bring to your event.”
~ Corina (Bride)
“Milestones DJ went above and beyond our expectations. They were very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for helping to make our special day magical!”
~ Stephanie (Bride)
““You did an awesome job! We got a lot of great feedback about the music selection & even the set up (lights). Everyone loved when you asked them to sing to us.”
~ Jennifer & Darren (Bride & Groom)
“Milestones DJ kept the flow of the wedding moving, without being pushy or front and center. They did a wonderful job!”
~ Jennifer (Bride)
“The guys did an amazing job. They were professional, on top of it and made sure everything went smooth. I was very impressed.”
~ Candace (Bride)
“Our DJ was absolutely amazing. He played a huge part in making the day so perfect. We received multiple compliments from several different guest regarding his exceptional personality and DJ’ing skills. He was well beyond our expectations and I would refer Milestones DJ to ANYONE.”
~ Taryn & Mike (Bride & Groom)
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