Living Social Wedding Deals


We are in the wedding business, so we come across a lot of interesting items and services for brides and grooms. If you are in full on wedding mode – you know, like when it

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Milestones DJ Wins Couples’ Choice Award For 2nd Straight Year


Grass Valley/Auburn’s Own Milestones DJ Wins a WeddingWire Couples’ Choice Award® 2016 GRASS VALLEY, CA – August 01, 2016 – WeddingWire, the leading global online wedding marketplace, named Milestones DJ as a winner of the prestigious WeddingWire Couples’

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Taco Bride?


The photo was posted to Reddit Thursday (August 21, 2014) by this bride's brand new groom with the caption, "My drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception." "Just talk into the

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10 Things NOT To Do At A Wedding


Let's face it, wedding days are a lot of pressure for one day of your life, right? Six months to a year (or more!) of planning and then it all has to go perfectly for

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Best Viral Marriage & Relationship Advice


Milestones DJ is clearly a Wedding DJ company. So why post about marital advice? While we are very clear that the Wedding DJ service is a single event business (unless you ask us back to

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Eclectic Wedding Theme Ideas


This one is just for fun. With the advent of Facebook, Pinterest and other popular sources of wedding inspiration, there have been a flood of extremely unique wedding reception theme/decor ideas. From the visually stunning

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A Humbling Father-Daughter Dance


Having been in business since 1987, Milestones DJ has performed at hundreds upon hundreds of weddings. Many of those weddings were very unique and we have on occasion found ourselves in, let's say, "interesting" situations

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