McDonald’s McWedding Packages Starting @ $400

Sing it! "Here comes the McBride, all dressed in white"

Sing it! “Here comes the McBride, all dressed in white”

(Note: Be forewarned that this was a post that was written very late at night many years ago…the puns are ridiculous. Slaphappy would be an accurate way to describe the mood that night. You’ve been warned. If you don’t think you can handle it, save yourself now.)

Why get married under one, plain ol’ white arch when you can tie the knot under TWO golden arches? No brainer, really. Free wi-fi and a scary clown? Come on! This is a dream (nightmare?) wedding if we’ve ever seen one.

In 2010, Hong Kong McDonald’s franchises began offering a McDonald’s McWedding package to couples for as little as $400. Ummm, was their a demand for this that showed up in some marketing report? Were they turning brides and grooms away before?


A McDonald’s Hong Kong spokesperson says:
“Over the past two years, we’ve started receiving calls from people who want to have a wedding party in our restaurants. There are about 10 calls a month. People said they’d dated here, or met here, and wanted to get married here. We see this as a business opportunity.”

However this idea came about, it’s apparently gaining traction. The press, as you can probably imagine, grabbed onto this story and ran with it. Brides and grooms? They’re “lovin’ it”, of course…sorry, couldn’t resist.

In all seriousness, there is a worldwide trend happening with regards to retail and low-cost weddings. Naturally, the economy has a lot to do with this new trend, but also many brides and grooms are looking for something quirky and non-traditional…apparently. We’ve seen articles online about weddings being held at the 99 Cent Store, Home Depot, White Castle and other odd locations, but for a fast food joint to actually have wedding packages and decorations is a new one to us.

Why McNuptials?

We came up with a list of good reasons to have a McDonald’s McWedding:

  • McBathrooms!
  • What bride-to-be wouldn’t want to get her makeup and hair done with her bridesmaids in one of those spacious and luxurious McDonald’s bathrooms? Just be careful that your wedding dress train doesn’t include a trail of toilet paper. You’re welcome.

  • Cut The McApple Pie
  • It’d be way easier to cut the apple pie and probably less messy than a traditional frosted wedding cake. No worry about getting your makeup smeared with creme frosting or fondent.

  • McNuggett Appetizers
  • Just think of the selection of dipping sauces for your guests!

  • McSalads
  • Forget having a “traditional” salad bar. Stack those McSalads and your guests will get right through that buffet line! Maybe you could get them to bring back those McShaker salads! Just picture the crazy-cool conga line you could have with everyone shaking their McShakers!

  • McWinter Wonderland
  • If you are having a December wedding, you just might be able to have egg nog McFlurries!

  • McCafé Drinks
  • Your guests will be hopped up on McCafé drinks – they’ll be cheering even louder!

  • McOfficiant
  • Can you think of a better officiant for your McDonald’s McWedding ceremony than Mayor McCheese? We can’t, either. We were originally thinking Ronald would do the ceremony, but we’re pretty sure he’s not ordained.

  • McHoneymoon
  • If the Hong Kong McDonald’s allows the bride and groom to spend the wedding night in in the McDonald’s Playland, we’re not sure how anyone could turn it down, really. We couldn’t.



Awww, they’re doing the “Lady and the Tramp” thing…with a French fry!


Yes, those are McApple Pies. Food fight!!

Yes, those are McApple Pies. Food fight!!

Throwing McRice?

Here’s a list of possible McDrawbacks of having your wedding at McDonald’s:

  • McRice?
  • We do have to wonder if the McDonald’s in Hong Kong will be offering McRice to throw at the newlyweds.  Seems appropriate considering it’s in Hong Kong…plus throwing fries might hurt AND no one wants to waste fries…and you KNOW your cousin’s kids would be picking the fries up off the ground and eating them.

  • No McChampagne
  • Alas, there is no alcohol at a McWedding. Hong Kong law forbids serving alcohol at a family eating establishment. Of course, depending on your family, this item could very well be placed under the positive list above. Not to mention that the potential for Ronald McDonald to get plastered and then give you a sloppy drunk wedding toast is reason enough to be happy about having a “dry” wedding.

  • McSecurity
  • Remember, this is McDonald’s Hong Kong. Make sure there is some McSecurity included in your wedding package…you don’t want the Hamburglar to turn into the Brideburglar.

  • Fry Guy
  • You may want to inquire as to who the wedding coordinator representative at McDonald’s will be. You don’t want to end up with a pimple-faced teenager who was just working the French fry station. Besides, he may smell delicious and that would be distracting during the ceremony. Think about it.

  • McCoin Purse
  • We have to wonder, would the bride do a “99¢ McMoney Dance”? Seems appropriate to us.

  • McBridal Party
  • We have to warn you about potentially bad wedding photos: Depending on how goofy your wedding party members are, there’s always the potential for them to walk down the aisle wearing red Ronald McDonald wigs. Just saying.

  • McBoring
  • McDonald’s cups strung off the back of your car (“Just McMarried”??) simply wouldn’t make enough of a racket as you drive off to be McCool. Right?

Don’t believe us? Click the McButton:

There’s actually a “Warm & Sweet” Wedding Package!

Will McDonald’s McWeddings Catch on in the U.S.?

It almost goes without saying that this idea is probably obvious to McDonald’s franchisees in Las Vegas, but we would feel remiss if we didn’t at least suggest a McWedding drive-thru with Ronald McDonald (he can get ordained online in five minutes) dressed as –DER – Elvis to preside over the McNuptials. We’re only half kidding. You KNOW there would be some drunk couple driving by a McWedding chapel, slowly turn their heads toward each other with jaws dropped and a giant light bulb would literally appear above their heads.

Can’t you just hear Elvis-Ronald saying, “I now pronounce you McHusband and McWife. Thank-you-very-much.” We can and it makes us McSmile.

McHappily Ever After Meal Deal

You can’t expect a McDonald’s to only offer wedding packages for ONE couple, can you? Good, because they apparently offer discounts if you order more than one – a McHappily Ever After Meal Deal, if you will. Check out this photo of FIVE couples getting married at the Hong Kong McDonald’s.

The McHappily Ever After Meal Dea

The McHappily Ever After Meal Deal

Will We Ever Stop With The McPuns?

We have to put a stop to this blog post because – in all seriousness – we could go on…and on.  We do have to say before we finish up that we’d LOVE to be the Wedding DJ at a Hong Kong McDonald’s McWedding. Someone pay our expenses and we’re THERE! McSeriously.