We are in the wedding business, so we come across a lot of interesting items and services for brides and grooms. If you are in full on wedding mode – you know, like when it feels as if Pinterest threw up on your brain – we assume you would appreciate saving some money on wedding items.

If you are attending a wedding and simply haven’t a clue what to get the couple-to-be and hate looking through a Target wedding registry, we figured you’d like to get some inspiration.

We came across a section of Living Social (if you haven’t used it, it’s like Groupon) that features unique items for your wedding day or unique wedding gifts for the new couple. Ever wondered where people get those custom bobbleheads of the bride and groom? Wonder no more. Want to get the bride and groom a nice wine tasting experience? We’ve got you covered here. From custom-etched wine bottles to a cheese making kit (seriously), this section of Living Social will at least provide some entertaining browsing for a few minutes.



Living Social Wedding Deals