Taco Bride?


The photo was posted to Reddit Thursday (August 21, 2014) by this bride's brand new groom with the caption, "My drunk wife trying to order Taco Bell after the reception." "Just talk into the

Taco Bride?2019-03-11T11:15:15-07:00

10 Things NOT To Do At A Wedding


Let's face it, wedding days are a lot of pressure for one day of your life, right? Six months to a year (or more!) of planning and then it all has to go perfectly for

10 Things NOT To Do At A Wedding2019-03-11T11:15:16-07:00

Eclectic Wedding Theme Ideas


This one is just for fun. With the advent of Facebook, Pinterest and other popular sources of wedding inspiration, there have been a flood of extremely unique wedding reception theme/decor ideas. From the visually stunning

Eclectic Wedding Theme Ideas2016-01-12T20:06:31-08:00

Wedding Ring Piercing: A New Trend?


We really hope this isn't a new trend, but someone forwarded us this photo of a wedding ring PIERCING. Check out the photo. Do you think this is a new wedding trend or just for

Wedding Ring Piercing: A New Trend?2019-03-11T11:15:18-07:00

Wedding Photographer FAIL (VIDEO)


Okay, some may argue that a mishap at a wedding isn't funny AT ALL. We can understand that coming from a future bride's perspective. So, in going with that, we figured that since this is clearly not

Wedding Photographer FAIL (VIDEO)2016-01-12T20:16:47-08:00

Seeking Bridesmaids (craigslist)


We came across this hilarious posting in Reader's Digest. It's a classified ad that was posted on Craig's List. Looking For Bridesmaids "My fiance and I are getting married in June. He has eight groomsmen lined

Seeking Bridesmaids (craigslist)2016-01-12T20:23:12-08:00
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