The History of Milestones DJ

My name is Rick Tracewell, owner of Milestones DJ (a Tracewell Media, Inc. company). Here’s a brief history of Milestones DJ.

In 1986, I had a busy summer. Most days, I was teaching swimming lessons from 7am to 10am, driving to Downtown San Jose to work from 11am to 1pm at a mortgage company, back to teach swimming lessons from 2pm to 5pm and then I would race over to Aloha Roller Rink (sadly no longer there) to work my very first DJ job. It was a great experience and a lot of fun. I then worked briefly with a mobile disc-jockey business and learned how to manage a wedding reception.

Shortly after that, I started this mobile disc-jockey business (originally named BONK! Productions – see photo below) in the South Bay Area (San Jose, Santa Cruz, Monterey, Los Gatos) just out of high school in 1987.

That’s me on the left (circa 1990) along with Paul Sanchez, a lifelong friend and former DJ at a business fair in Santa Cruz. What are those weird spinning things behind me?

That’s me on the left (circa 1990) along with Paul Sanchez, a lifelong friend and former DJ at a business fair in Santa Cruz. What are those weird spinning things behind me?

Back then, everything was on vinyl records (yes, I feel old). I had a large Chevy cargo van to accommodate the many milk crates filled with records that I’d have to haul around everywhere. To be able to DJ now from a small hard drive that is loaded with over 120,000 songs and the fact that I can purchase music online and be playing it seconds later during an event still blows my mind. While the amount of gear has decreased in size, the services we offer hasn’t gotten easier. In fact, we do even more now than we ever did before. We perform more ceremonies these days which requires us to carry two PA systems, wireless lapel microphones and have equipment with the ability to accommodate live musicians.

In 2001, we relocated to the Sierra Foothills (Auburn/Grass Valley) and in 2010 we changed the business name to Milestones DJ to emphasize our commitment to helping our customers celebrate the milestones of their lives – weddings, anniversaries, birthdays, graduations, engagements, etc.

Today, Milestones DJ has a small, very experienced staff that allows us to maintain the level of quality and personalized service that we strive to bring to each and every event.

My “day job” is owner of Shift+4 Marketing, a marketing, business consulting and graphic design firm that I started back in 1990.

Feel free to call me at (888) 612-6365 seven days a week to discuss your DJ/MC and Wedding Entertainment needs.

All the best,

Rick Tracewell, Owner
Milestones DJ

Milestones Wedding DJ | Grass Valley, Auburn
Milestones Wedding DJ | Grass Valley, Auburn
“So awesome!!!! It was a wonderful wedding experience for me as the bride.”
~ Amanda (Bride)
“Milestones DJ were amazing. They made our wedding day run smoothly. You will be really happy with how organized they are and the fun they bring to your event.”
~ Corina (Bride)
“Milestones DJ went above and beyond our expectations. They were very professional, responsive and a pleasure to work with. Thanks for helping to make our special day magical!”
~ Stephanie (Bride)
““You did an awesome job! We got a lot of great feedback about the music selection & even the set up (lights). Everyone loved when you asked them to sing to us.”
~ Jennifer & Darren (Bride & Groom)
“Milestones DJ kept the flow of the wedding moving, without being pushy or front and center. They did a wonderful job!”
~ Jennifer (Bride)
“The guys did an amazing job. They were professional, on top of it and made sure everything went smooth. I was very impressed.”
~ Candace (Bride)
“Our DJ was absolutely amazing. He played a huge part in making the day so perfect. We received multiple compliments from several different guest regarding his exceptional personality and DJ’ing skills. He was well beyond our expectations and I would refer Milestones DJ to ANYONE.”
~ Taryn & Mike (Bride & Groom)
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